May 2019 Release: Open edX Hawthorn now available on Tahoe - Appsembler

May 2019 Release: Open edX Hawthorn now available on Tahoe

Hawthorn is here! We are excited to announce that Tahoe is being upgraded to Hawthorn, the eighth version of Open edX.

REMINDER: There is a scheduled system downtime Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 from 1:00am to 7:00am ET during the upgrade.

This upgrade introduces new and improved X-Blocks, an updated UI for learners, and new Open edX features and functionality for course authors.

New features for Learners

  • Profiles now include the date a learner joined the platform and any course credentials they have received
  • Learners can now add links to their social media accounts on their profiles
  • The “Home” and “Course” tabs are now combined into a single course outline page

New features for Course Staff

  • Course teams can override learner scores for individual problems
  • Simplified experience for adding all types of files to a course
  • Enhanced HTML capabilities such as text alignment and image upload functionality within the visual editor
  • Content groups can be used to restrict access to full units of content, rather than just individual components

For more details, check out the May 2019 Release Notes here and the Open edX Hawthorn Release Notes here. To learn more about Hawthorn’s features and why we’re so excited about it, check out our previous blog post.

What’s next? | Ironwood

Open edX recently released the ninth version of the platform: Ironwood.

We’re already preparing for the next upgrade and look forward to providing our Tahoe users with the latest and greatest from Open edX.

Over the past few months, we have thoroughly tested and implemented Hawthorn on Tahoe, Appsembler’s Open edX customer training software. During that time, we’ve refined our processes around future upgrades and are currently in the exploratory stages of an upgrade to Ironwood later this year.

We look forward to keeping you posted on our progress! In the meanwhile, check out the Open edX Ironwood Release Notes here. Have questions or comments? Reach out to us in the chat widget below!