How to Deliver Virtual Training Labs for Software Training

How to Deliver Virtual Labs for Software Training (Webinar Recording)

How to Deliver Virtual Labs for Software Training in 30 Minutes

Want to learn how to provide your learners with hands-on training on your software – directly within their browser?

In this recorded webinar, Nate Aune, CEO/Founder at Appsembler, walks through the ins and outs of virtual training labs — what are they, why they matter, and how to deliver them in less than 30 minutes. You’ll learn:

  1. What are virtual labs, and why they are a fast-emerging training technology
  2. Advantages of virtual labs over simulations, VMs and other methods
  3. How to easily create virtual training lab environments tailored for your software and integrated within your learners’ courses

Getting started

Have questions about Virtual Labs, or want to start building your training program today? Get in touch!