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DevLearn 2018 Recap: Top 5 Event Highlights

While DevLearn 2018 may be over…the learnings, excitement and momentum gained from this experience are only beginning to crystallize. For the Appsembler team, this was our first time attending DevLearn (and for some of us, our first trip to Vegas!). We took some time to think about our collective experiences at the conference and came up with these impressions of DevLearn:

Nate, Founder and CEO:

“This was a conference bringing together leaders in the learning and development world, to network and learn from each other. I enjoyed dinners with customers and prospects, and meeting partners in person with whom we’ve only correspond by email. It was exciting to talk about the future of software learning, and immediately afterwards seeing a beeline of attendees visiting our booth. It means that we struck a nerve or ignited a spark that made people want to learn more. It was definitely affirming to see our product and “learn by doing” messaging resonate with folks with whom we spoke. It was also interesting to see the surge of interest around xAPI, in particular how it relates to learning analytics and measuring student activities.”

Scott, VP of Sales:

“DevLearn was a virtual shopping mall of products, services, and tools that professionals in all fields could find all imaginable ways to improve their learning and development goals. Walking through the aisles, it was filled with, amongst other products, an arsenal of LMSs all trying to differentiate themselves with features, design, integrations and ease of use. What was sorely lacking, and what resonated with most of the conversations we had with prospective customers, was the ability to use all of the learnings in practical, hands-on exercises. These are individuals who have devoted their careers to learning, training, and development, and more than anyone they believe in “learn by doing,” and we clearly stood out amongst the crowd for our Virtual Labs product – the evolution of online learning.”

Krystal, Account Executive:

“DevLearn was filled with like-minded professionals with one goal in mind – to learn. You could feel the energy in every conversation. Every person was biting at the opportunity to learn what the newest and best technologies are so that they could take their findings home and incorporate them into their strategies. My key takeaway had to do specifically with Appsembler and our products. We saw many fellow LMS technologies but learned that our core differentiator stands in our Virtual Labs product. I had fantastic conversations with so many individuals looking to incorporate hands on software labs into their training curriculum. I can’t wait to see all of the immersive learning experiences that form as a direct result of DevLearn.”

Cesar, VP of Marketing:

“DevLearn is a place for bold thinkers, status quo challengers, and innovators. Many of the people I met are constantly searching for ways to push the envelope in terms of what’s possible. I was particularly impressed by the quality of the keynote speakers and how many of the sessions were quite tactical and actionable. Looking forward to coming back next year.”

Amanda, Product Marketing Manager:

“DevLearn felt like a homecoming for L&D professionals. The sense of community cultivated before, during and after the show was palpable along with the level of engagement. This was not only our first time exhibiting at DevLearn, but Appsembler’s first trade show experiences to date. With that said, I felt that we instantly found our tribe at DevLearn and were able to make real connections throughout the conference. The energy, leadership, and trailblazing that was cultivated during the week was, and still is, inspiring.”

Did you visit DevLearn this year? Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought about the conference or if you have plans to attend next year!