Appsembler Tahoe 2021 Upgrade
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Appsembler Tahoe upgraded with overhauled user experience and a key building block for exciting 2021 and 2022 product roadmap

We are excited to share our Tahoe upgrade in May 2021!

In today’s minute-by-minute, headline-focused environment that emphasizes recency and shiny objects, it’s easy to forget the unsung heroes and building blocks that enable the things we take for granted today. Take, for example, the unsung heroes that allow you to read this blog post. There’s the LCD screen, connected to a powerful processor that fits in the palm of your hand, which are plugged-into the wall that reliably gives a source of electricity, whose original source is often hundreds of miles away. It’s just reading a blog post, right? But when you breakdown the building blocks that are enabling your reading experience to happen, it’s easy to marvel at the foundation making it all possible.

Appsembler’s Juniper release, which is under a select roll-out now to current customers, and will be made publicly available in Q2 2021, is just that – an important piece of foundational work that will fuel a rich and innovative product roadmap for Appsembler Tahoe. It lays the groundwork for an exciting 2021 and 2022 Appsembler product roadmap.

Let’s quickly go through the highlights of this foundational release:

  • Overhaul of front-end experience: a more modern look-and-feel similar to today’s web-based applications aimed at improving the customer training experience, increasing course consumption, course completion, and better learning outcomes
Appsembler Tahoe course screenshot
  • Enhanced learner reporting: for instructors, the problem response report has been upgraded, allowing you to generate that report at various levels of granularity (unit, subsection, or section), making reports for learner responses more effective and easier to generate

Appsembler Enhanced Learner Reporting

  • De-customization of code: in years past, Appsembler has acted as a bridge for its customers, building custom online learning experiences in ways that the then-current Open edX platform didn’t easily allow; these customizations are being rolled-back which minimizes maintenance and reduces risk to the customer without losing the benefits of custom-built code
  • A true development platform: this release upgrades Appsembler’s code foundation to a true platform, allowing for a rich 2021 and 2022 roadmap to be delivered

As the final bullet point above suggests, what makes this upgrade special is what it enables Appsembler to build in the rest of 2021 and into 2022. And without giving too many details, let’s briefly discuss what some of those plans include:

  • Making it easier for courses to be discovered by search engines, leading to better awareness of publicly-facing, self-paced training courses and more course sign-ups
  • Expanding and improving our existing suite of APIs to provide better and more advanced ways to access data for analytics or automation purposes
  • Faster and more agile feature development, so innovative features are delivered to Appsembler’s customers and ecosystem faster

To reiterate, this release is being rolled-out to current customers now and will be made publicly available sometime in Q2 2021. After that, Appsembler will focus on reviewing the upgrade process and tackling outstanding bugs – before going into the fun work of delivering our exciting 2021 and 2022 product roadmap.

If you are a current Appsembler customer and have questions on this release’s impact to your instance, or just want to learn about this release, please contact us here.

Edit (May 19, 2021): Public release date changed from May 2021 to Q2 2021.