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14 Reasons Why We’re Excited for Open edX 2018

In just a little over a week, we’ll be heading to Montreal, Canada for the 2018 Open edX conference. With lots to learn, lots to share, and over 300 attendees from all over the globe to connect with – we simply can’t wait. In fact, here are 14 reasons why our team is excited to take Montreal and Open edX by storm:

1. Omar Al-Ithawi

“It’s been almost four years for me with Open edX both as a technology and more importantly, a community. Since the Open edX 2014 conference, I tried to attend every year. I’m mostly excited to meet people that I collaborate with on Open edX.

Sharing ideas, exchanging solutions to common problems, forming strategic plans or just making new friends is what the conference is all about for me. I want to go there to advocate for making Open edX more open, more about the community, and more about collaborators like me.”

2. Nate Aune

“As always, I’m looking forward to connecting with old and new friends in the Open edX community and learning what new things people are working on. I’m particularly excited about working with others on getting Open edX running in production using Docker.

3. John Baldwin

“This will be my first Open edX conference, so I’ll have an opportunity to meet members of the community in person. I’m also excited to chat with folks on analytics and where and how we can improve the ecosystem.”

4. Aaron Beals

“This year will be my third Open edX conference, and I’ve seen the community evolve each year. I’m particularly excited about this year because I see new initiatives from the open source team at edX to rally the community and get us working more closely together. I’m also thrilled that we have the chance to bringing a large contingent of Appsembler folks, and hope they both bring and gain energy from the event.”

5. Cody Carson

“I’ve never been to an Open edX conference – or any sort of tech conference for that matter! I’m excited to see the breadth of the community firsthand. It’s often easy to lose sight of it when it’s all on a laptop screen. Montreal is also just a super dope city that I enjoy being in, so we’ve got a great backdrop for the conference this year.”

6. Maximiliano Fernandez

“It is going to be my second Open edX conference this year. As a software developer and community member one of the most valuable activities in the conference is the opportunity to talk with other developers and members in the community. This will be my second year contributing with a presentation about a subject that should be interesting to many developers and platform users.”

7. Matej Grozdanović

“This is going to be my second Open edX conference, so I’m looking forward to one more amazing event with tons of sharing of ideas and experiences, just as it was last year in Madrid! I’m mostly looking to chat with other members of community on experiences in working on the LMS frontend, as well as future plans and proposals for it. Of course, there is also the amazing experience of meeting amazing people from all around the globe!”

8. Matthew Harrington

“This will be my third Open edX conference, first as a consumer and now as a provider, and every time I’ve been previously it’s been reinvigorating – the enthusiasm at the event makes it impossible not to get excited about Open edX. There’s always so much going on in the community to hear and talk about, and meeting people in person that I’ve only met through video conferencing and email is wonderful.”

9. TJ Keemon

“This will be my third Open edX conference. It’s been amazing to watch the community grow and evolve over the years. I’m excited to see all of the old, familiar faces as well as meet all of the newcomers, both from within Appsembler and from the wider Open edX community.”

10. Harry Klein

“The Open edX Conference is a vibrant community of thought leaders and practitioners who care deeply about serving learners and delivering life-changing educational experiences. I am excited to share some of the innovative work Appsembler is doing, as well as learn about the innovations that so many others in the community are working on. Also, given that Appsembler is a fully distributed team, I am excited to meet some of my colleagues for the very first time.

11. J’aime Ohm

“There is so much to love about this conference. This year, I’m especially excited about re-connecting with the mobile software development community, seeking graphic design community, and feeling crazy inspired by informal chats with other attendees.”

12. Valerie Pierre

“I can’t wait to be in Montreal for my first Open edX conference to meet everyone who is contributing one way or another to this world wide open source online learning initiative! I want to learn from everyone’s stories and share what we are seeing in our implementation journeys. I’m sure it’ll be pretty intense and packed with learning just looking at the schedule, see you there!”

13. Amir Tadrisi

“This is my first time attending the Open edX conference! I’m excited to meet and learn from other community members, especially developers and share learnings. There are a lot of great talks to look forward to, especially the reimagining education talk that will discuss how digital education is going down the right path. Finally, since we’re a distributed team, I can’t wait to meet some of my colleagues in person for the first time!”

14. Bryan Wilson

“It’s my second conference and will be my first time speaking. I’m excited to share my work, share ideas with the community about certificates and badges, and learn more about new directions in Open edX’s architecture. And the best part? As a member of a worldwide, distributed-first team and open source community, it’ll be awesome to see almost everyone in person!”

Meet with the Appsembler Team at Open edX 2018

During the event you can find us at our booth, where we’ll be talking about all of the exciting contributions we’ve made (and plan to make) within Open edX, along with Appsembler’s Experiential Learning Platform. You can also look for us on the speaker’s stage giving talks on subjects like, Course Authoring, Reporting and Analytics, and Getting Started with Open edX. If you’d like to schedule a time to connect one-on-one with our team, feel free to send us a note. See you there!