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Mediathread for the rest of us

Posted by: Nate Aune in Mediathread Django Open Source 1 year, 7 months ago
Mediathread is a next generation media analysis tool that lets students create compositions embedded with rich media (video, images, audio). What's really cool about Mediathread is that the videos can come from anywhere (Youtube, Vimeo, Library of Congress, etc) and annotated by "clipping" different segments of the video. These clips are then used to support an argument in an essay.

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Open source and open clouds

Posted by: Nate Aune in Open Source PaaS 1 year, 10 months ago

I was invited to speak at an event sponsored by EMC called Technology Directions: Keeping it Real. Open Source Software- What's the Buzz All About? which was hosted by MassChallenge on May 23, 2013.

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Deploy Django apps to Dotcloud with django-deployer in 5 minutes

Posted by: Nate Aune in Django Mezzanine PaaS 2 years ago

Yesterday I posted a video demonstrating how to deploy a Django project to Google App Engine using django-deployer.

Tags: dotcloudplatform-as-a-servicepaasdjango-deployermezzaninedeploymenthostingdeployopensourceopen sourcescreencasts
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Deploy Django apps to Google App Engine with django-deployer in 5 minutes

Posted by: Nate Aune in Django PaaS 2 years ago

Yesterday I announced the alpha release of django-deployer, and today I'd like to show how to use it for deploying a Django app to Google App Engine (GAE).

Tags: google app engineplatform-as-a-servicepaasgae
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A journey through time and PaaS - introducing django-deployer

Posted by: Nate Aune in Django PaaS 2 years ago

It seems that the topic of Django deployment never seems to go out of style. It's a recurring theme for Django user groups across the country. In this post, I want to introduce a new project that I'm working on called django-deployer. But first, a brief history of deployment discussions over the last 3 years:

Tags: djangoherokuopenshiftpaasplatform-as-a-servicepyconstackatodjangoconamazon elastic beanstalkactivestatedotcloudgoogle app engine
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