Our mission

Appsembler's mission is to help developers offer their software-as-a-service. With our platform, developers can quickly and cost effectively launch their software as a SaaS product. We take care of the hosting, billing and promotion so you can get back to writing code!

Our vision

We envision a future in which software can be seamlessly deployed and made available for anyone to try it on the web or mobile device. We believe that if the software is providing value, that users will want to pay for it to ensure that is continues to be developed. We want to make it easier to bring more awesome software into the world and help its creators get paid for their work.

Our story

We've been developing open source software since 2002. We strongly believe that the world is a better place because of open source software. So it made perfect sense to start a company to provide web development and consulting services around open source software. But as time went on, we jumped from project to project, and were only getting paid when we were billing hours. Except for support contracts, we really had no source of recurring revenue. We looked around and saw that other open source developers were in the same boat, and many were having to take 9-5 jobs that left no time to work on what they were truly passionate about - developing their open source software.

What if we could take the open source software we were delivering as consulting-ware, and instead deliver it in the SaaS model? This would enable us to reach more customers, generate recurring revenue and elevate the open source ecosystem at the same time!

On the other side of the equation, we also observed that for businesses looking for software solutions, open source software was rarely considered because it was difficult to find, try and buy. Where do I find good software, and once I've found it, how do I try it out? And when I've tried it out and want to buy commercial hosting and support for it, where do I go to find it? Offering this software that we know and love in the SaaS model would make it possible for more people to find, try and buy it.

Linux wouldn't be what it is today if Redhat hadn't emerged to provide commercial support for Linux. Appsembler was born out of the desire to help developers (especially those making open source software) reach a wider audience for their software and actually make a living from creating software. We are the developreneurs - not just creators but evangelists who want to go to market with our creations.

We welcome all developreneurs to take a closer look at what Appsembler has to offer. Let's start the conversation and see if together we can change the world with better software!