About us:

About Appsembler

Appsembler empowers you to create delightful online learning experiences.

Since 2013, Appsembler has helped trainers and educators across corporations, universities, and not-for-profits deliver incredible online learning experiences.

We are a software company that was built out of an unwavering service to our customers. We’ve taken years of Open edX expertise and packaged it into one, easy-to-use platform, empowering educators to quickly create and deploy Open edX sites.

With unrivalled customer support, global hosting and 99.95% server uptime, Appsembler has powered online learning for companies and universities around the world.

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“The Appsember team has such deep knowledge of Open edX that if we have a problem they either know the answer or know where the answer resides. A lot of companies have vendors who are partners in ‘marketing speak,’ but Appsembler are true partners in this endeavor.”

Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Program Manager for The Gymnasium // Aquent
Appsembler Open edX in action
Nate Aune // Appsembler CEO

Our Story

At Appsembler, we believe that learning has no boundaries. It is lifelong and can happen anytime, anywhere. We envision a world where anyone will be able to create the best learning experiences and transform lives, one learner at a time.

Our mission is to empower trainers and educators to deliver delightful online learning experiences to employees, customers, partners and students.

When Open edX was released in 2012, we quickly realized the potential of this massively scalable online learning platform. But we also understood that as an open-sourced platform, Open edX came with its own set of unknowns and challenges

As one of the earliest Open edX pioneers, we've worked with customers of all types to understand their unique online learning needs, and adapt the Open edX platform to fit those needs. Whether it was for corporate learning, customer training, or higher education, we kept solving the same problems, over and over again.

We started to see patterns in the issues our customers faced. People kept coming to us because they were finding the DIY Open edX option unexpectedly time-consuming and costly, or because they were unsatisfied with the service they received from high-cost 3rd parties. We didn’t want to keep patching up the same problems from the ground up. We wanted to create a cost-effective solution that would simultaneously help all of our customers easily create and build their own branded Open edX site.