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Open sourced to foster innovation and contributions from top institutions

Open edX is a free and open source online learning system that was originally developed by edX. The Open edX platform is used all over the world to host MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) as well as smaller classes and training modules.

Open edX’s core components include:

  • Open edX Studio for easy development of new courses
  • Open edX LMS for intuitive student elearning experience
  • Infinite platform capabilities including videos, discussion forums, and many content and assessment types provided by dynamic XBlock architecture

Open edX Studio

Studio is the Open edX tool that you use to build your courses. You use Studio to create the course structure and then add course content, including problems, videos, and other resources for learners. You also use Studio to manage the course schedule and the course team, set grading policies, publish each part of your course, and more. You use Studio directly through a browser.
You do not need any additional software.

Open edX LMS

The LMS is the Open edX tool that learners use to access course content, including videos, textbooks, and problems, and to check their progress in the course. The Open edX LMS can also offer a discussion forum and a wiki that both learners and course team members can contribute to. For course team members, the LMS includes an Instructor Dashboard, with options to enroll learners, produce reports, and administer a course as it runs.

Open edX Insights

EdX Insights uses visualizations, key metrics, and tables to present data about who your students are and what they do while interacting with your course. You can use the data that is available from edX Insights to monitor activity, validate choices, reveal unexpected patterns, form hypotheses, and inform plans for your course.

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