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Why use Appsembler to try software?

  • Easy to get started

    We believe that trying out software should be easy. With Appsembler, there are no docs to read, nothing to download, no techie needed.

  • Cloud-based delivery

    Who wants to download software and try to figure out how to install it? With Appsembler, we host the apps for you in the cloud.

  • Save time & money

    In just a few clicks you can start using the app. No need to pay expensive consultants to set it up for you, or bug your IT team to help you.

Awards and Press


Appsembler was selected as a finalist for the MassChallenge 2012 Startup Accelerator. See our profile page.


Appsembler participated in the first ever Techstars Cloud startup accelerator. See our pitch video.


"Whatever the next level above PaaS is, Appsembler is it."
- Stacie Higgenbotham, Gigaom

//About Appsembler

Appsembler is the first ever SaaS enablement platform for open source web apps. We help developers monetize their software, and make it painless for end users to try their software.

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